My Mission

My mission is to help as much people I can to grow and succeed.

About Me

I've worked in almost every aspect of Software Development Quality Assurance.  Having over 14 years of experience I have learned that in order to release an amazing product you only need 3 things:
  1. The right foundation - a steady root structure that not only holds strong into the ground but evolves past obstacles.  
  2. The right people - ego is checked in at the door and individual success is cultivated by skills and passion.
  3. The right environment - a work place with a relaxed and fun mentality provides greater creativity, focus, and results. 
Software development is a fascinating field but it lacks the emotional gratification of success no matter how big or small. For the past 3 years I have been leaning methods on helping others systematically achieving their goals in life and business. 
How I work with you... 
My overall job in QA is to ensure the programmers succeed in what they created.  That value still holds true.   A Coaches job is to ensure that your creation succeeds by giving you insights and different perspectives so that you achieve to your greatest potential.  I look for small changes that have the  leverage in transformation. 
Personally, i enjoy reading, running, brewing (and drinking) craft beers, and have been known to spew movie quotes from time to time.